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Chenla Children’s Healthcare works within the pediatric wards of the Cambodian government referral hospitals to greatly strengthen the government system’s ability to provide compassionate, high-quality care.

Currently fully operational in Kratie and Mondulkiri Provinces and with a neonatal ward in Stung Treng, we seek to replicate to further areas where the needs are greatest.

We utilize existing government facilities, medication, supplies, and staff to provide international-standard medical care to children suffering from infectious disease, febrile illness, premature birth, and more.

Strengthening the social contract between the local community and the public healthcare system forms the foundation of what we do. We provide all services free of charge for poor patients and their families.

Chenla Children’s Healthcare Departments
  1. Kratie Outpatient Care
  2. Kratie In-Patient Care
  3. Kratie Neonatal ICU Care
  4. Kratie Pediatric ICU Care
  5. Mondulkiri In-Patient Care
  6. Mondulkiri Neonatal ICU Care
  7. Mondulkiri Pediatric ICU Care
  8. Stung Treng Neonatal Support and Care
  9. Outreach Program 
  10. Medical Education Program
For further details about our program, click here.