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Chenla Children’s Healthcare During Covid-19 Times

    Chenla Children’s Healthcare has been busy throughout this year both before and after Covid-19 became a pandemic. Throughout it all, the Chenla team has worked hard to provide compassionate and high quality care where it is needed most in Cambodia. Serving in the poorest region, the team at Chenla Children’s Healthcare now admits 250 patients a month to the general pediatric ward, 60 patients a month to the neonatal ward and 30 patients a month to our small ICU including patients needing to be placed on ventilator support.

    Chenla Children’s Healthcare is a part of the government system and has successfully ensured that children in this part of Cambodia are able to receive high quality life saving care when they need it. All care is free for the poor and has modest fees for those families able to pay. The revenue is collected by the government hospital and returned to Chenla pediatric program in the form of medicines, supplies and collaboration in the care of the patients.Our current challenge is ensuring  staffing and equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic times when resources have become even more scarce. All of Chenla’s supporters and partners act upon true personal conviction that their contribution makes a direct difference in the life of a child and family most in need. The location of our work and our model of providing care ensure that this is always true.  To learn more, please continue exploring our simple website here or drop us a note at We would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you directly through Zoom, Skype or direct phone call and discuss how you might become a part.