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Three Reasons to Love Chenla Children’s Healthcare

    1. Chenla Children’s Healthcare’s boss. At Chenla the patient remains the boss. It is our mantra and a way of always remembering what is most important. Everything Chenla does is centered around meeting the medical needs of the most vulnerable children in eastern Cambodia. Most recent estimates in the region are that 1 out of 24 children die before his/her fifth birthday mostly from preventable or treatable causes. Chenla’s main goal is to greatly improve these numbers and treat every patient with the high quality and compassionate care he or she deserves.

    2. Chenla is smart and efficient in the use of funds. By working as a public-private partnership, Chenla utilizes sustainable government resources along with limited donor funds to achieve lasting change. Over half our patients are too poor to pay for their in-hospital treatment but partial reimbursement is provided by the government health equity fund. Quality and compassionate care is ensured for all because of generous but targeted donor funding. Every dollar is used wisely and directly helps the patients we serve. Over time, more of the financial responsibilities are assumed locally making Chenla a truly sustainable project.

    3.While having a strict boss (the patient) and maintaining high efficiently in everything we do are very important, the most important thing Chenla does is work from our hearts. This is not just a cheesy saying but truly the work spirit at Chenla Children’s Healthcare since it’s founding in 2017. Working passionately does not supplant quality care. It strengthens it, every day here in rural eastern Cambodia.

    We continue to welcome visitors to come out and learn about our work. And we are always happy to chat directly with anyone wishing to learn more about our work and our model.

    In late March, Dr Bill will fly to the States to work 2 weeks in the emergency departments there. We continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health here for preparedness for Coronavirus, any other outbreaks and to generally strengthen the hospital and health system. We wish Dr Bill safe travels and safe work while in the States doing similar work.