Chenla Children’s Healthcare Enters a New Stage

Chenla Children’s Healthcare has completed its first 1.5 years of operation and has greatly strengthened the provision of pediatric care at Kratie Referral Hospital with more than 12,500 patient encounters and the monthly admission rate to the pediatric ward increased by more than 500 percent. Therefore, Chenla is entering a new stage. In line with our strategic plan, we aim to further strengthen our organizational structure, continue our work on quality improvement and soon begin support work in Cambodia’s other eastern provinces. Chenla’s public/private partnership model allows for fast paced change in this remote region where the most recent survey reveals that 1 out of 12 children dies before their 5th birthday.

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Smooth but busy opening

We opened the doors to the new pediatric ward at Kratie Provincial Hospital on June 1st. The prior month the hospital had admitted less than 50 pediatric patients. In June, the Chenla team admitted 109 patients. In July, 151 patients. In August, 235 patients. 80% of these patients came from extremely poor families.

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