Holiday Season Update, November and December 2018

This holiday season we give thanks that during our first two years Chenla Children’s Healthcare has garnered much needed support from Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany and the United States.

We are a small but strong international organization where the boss is always the patient and where we have the opportunity to directly serve the neediest.

We work in eastern Cambodia where as recently as 2014 one of twelve children died before his or her fifth birthday.

As of November 1st 2018, Chenla Children’s Healthcare has treated 3,520 inpatients all of whom needed lifesaving care. We have also compassionately treated 21,002 outpatients in a region of Cambodia where 30% of the population lives on $2 a day or less.

Chenla is not free for all patients but we are free for all the patients assessed to live in poverty. We need your help to remain this way.

On average the cost of an inpatient stay is $213. This represents one life saved. This holiday season we are asking as many people as possible to make a gift of $200 which represents one of these patients. Make a Gift Each contribution will be followed up with a personal thank you and the details of how your donation made a difference. Clearly accounting for how every dollar is used and giving each supporter a clear sense of connectedness to the life saved is very important to us and the families we serve.

In 2019 and beyond, Chenla Children’s Healthcare will remain committed to quality and compassionate care for some of the most vulnerable children in the world and we invite you to be an integral part of this journey.

Please know that regardless of choosing to be a part of our work or not, we wish each of you a season’s greetings and hope your holidays are filled with joy for you and your family.


Bill, Lori, Chinda and the rest of the Chenla Team.

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