Chenla Children’s Healthcare During Covid-19 Times

Chenla Children’s Healthcare has been busy throughout this year both before and after Covid-19 became a pandemic. Throughout it all, the Chenla team has worked hard to provide compassionate and high quality care where it is needed most in Cambodia. Serving in the poorest region, the team at Chenla Children’s Healthcare now admits 250 patients a month to the general pediatric ward, 60 patients a month to the neonatal ward and 30 patients a month to our small ICU including patients needing to be placed on ventilator support.

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Three Reasons to Love Chenla Children’s Healthcare

1. Chenla Children’s Healthcare’s boss. At Chenla the patient remains the boss. It is our mantra and a way of always remembering what is most important. Everything Chenla does is centered around meeting the medical needs of the most vulnerable children in eastern Cambodia. Most recent estimates in the region are that 1 out of 24 children die before his/her fifth birthday mostly from preventable or treatable causes. Chenla’s main goal is to greatly improve these numbers and treat every patient with the high quality and compassionate care he or she deserves.Read More »Three Reasons to Love Chenla Children’s Healthcare

Difficult Bosses and Collaboration

Chenla Children’s Healthcare serves children affected by poverty and disease in one of the poorest regions of Cambodia where quality care was not previously available.

We do this as an integrated part of the government hospital so that:

  1. What we do is sustainable;
  2. We leverage every amount of funding support possible from the government system and from there make the system work well;
  3. We don’t recreate the wheel and;
  4. Every donor dollar is used highly efficiently.

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